Richard Thomas in Wttr logo tee

Richard Thomas and Welcome To The Revival team up to win Souls to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!

Dr Rodney Howard Browne And wttr

Welcome To The Revival's CEO Justin Thorp with Dr. Rodney Howard Browne, a mighty man of God who has prayed with President Donald Trump multiple times.

WttR at the chautauqua mall for the holiday season

Welcome To The Revival hit the Chautauqua Mall for the 2017 Holiday season. We were able to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our gear at the Mall. We also were able to pray for people and had some individuals accept Jesus into their heart. Our mission is to win souls to Jesus Christ and fund the Kingdom of God.

Video gallery

Welcome To The Revival Videos

We are a Mathew 6:33 Company! We seek GOD FIRST in EVERYTHING we do, and we let GOD do the ADDING!

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