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As this World becomes Darker........

This world seems to be getting darker and darker. We are told throughout the Bible that we are in the Last Days. Jesus is coming soon and the church is to be ready to receive him and bring in the precious fruits of the earth.


How do we bring in the fruit you may ask?

Christian T-Shirts can be a way....

By witnessing, and winning people to Jesus. By telling them how good God is and what he has brought them out of. One way we can do this, is wearing Christian Apparel that has the word of God on it. At Welcome to the Revival, Christian T shirts come with a bold message that will help believers reach out and witness to this lost world. Christian clothing has become very watered down in these last days much like the preaching behind today’s pulpits. It is the Word of God that sets people free and it doesn't matter where you see the Word or where you read the Word, it still has power to set people free.


The Bible is alive and well and so is Jesus who lives inside all of his believers and followers. He wants us to go and win this lost world and that is what he is waiting on. At Welcome to the Revival, we want to hand out the tools necessary to get this job done and we believe bold, uncompromised, Christian T shirts and Apparel are one way to help bring in this harvest. We encourage you to gear up and take this message to the world. The clock is ticking....

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