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Do you Love the Word of God?

Is the Word of God alive to you?


Do you believe it is Life and Health according to Prov 4:22? If you do, then you will be in your local church on Sunday. If you truly believe that God is your Provider, you’ll be in his house on Sunday. People spend their Love, Time and Money on what means the most to them. So I ask you again, do you love the Word of God? Is it enough for you. Do you believe it? Why is it, when we ask people if their saved, they say yes and it’s easy but yet when asked if they are healed or provided for, they have no or they don’t believe it.

I Like Free Things Christian T-Shirt

I don’t know about you but I like Free Things and Romans 8:32 tells us, that through Jesus, God freely gave us All things. Our WelcomeToTheRevival “I like Free Things” Shirt is a popular one. People love Free Things and when people see this shirt, it gets them thinking. Then they read the back and it hits them. Jesus purchased everything that we need, more than just Salvation (of course that being the greatest) but do we Love Gods Word enough? Do we believe he’s done so much more than that for us? Christian T Shirts have been around for a long time but many are watered down and have no point. This shirt really digs into the scripture and lets people really think about all Jesus has done for us. Christian Apparel still can have an impact and we have seen it with our company. Some wonder, can Christian Clothing really have an impact on people? The answer to that question is Yes! The Word of God is alive and well, even on a Christian T Shirt. Do we love Gods Word? Are we hungry for it and are we putting God First? After all, doesn’t he deserve it?

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