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Does God want his children blessed?

Let me ask you this, do you want your children blessed?

If the answer to this question is yes (like it should be) then Matthew 7:11 tells us the answer. God compares our giving as evil compared to his and he says how much more will he give to his children and to them that ask. God is love and God is all about giving. We should be the same way.


At our True Prosperity Christian T-Shirt is very popular.

You see, many people think God doesn’t want them blessed  and then on the other side of the ditch, many people think God is all about just giving them everything they want. There is a balance and this Christian T Shirt that says True Prosperity, rightfully divides the Word and Truth. On the back of the shirt, it has Matthew 6:33 written out. This verse talks about putting God First in all things and then he will add to you. This is the true balance on Prosperity. Getting things and being blessed is a byproduct of putting God First and his Kingdom First and winning souls. So yes, God does want you blessed and taken care of but we must put him first and his kingdom and walk into the balance of True biblical Prosperity.


Christian clothing with bold messages on them can really open doors to people and this shirt does just that. It really witnesses to people on a subject that can be really difficult to talk about. God’s Word is Truth whether it’s on Christian Apparel or coming off the pages of the Bible. Let’s keep the right heart on True Prosperity.

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