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Favor of the Lord

The Bible says whoever finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains Favor of the Lord. This is spelled out in Proverbs 18:12. At we have a Christian T-shirt with this written on it and we call it our wife shirt. This shirt is one of our more popular ones wherever we go.


We should all put our spouse first after the Lord. The spirit of the world is always trying to bust up marriages and make other things look more appealing. This is dead wrong, the closest thing to God and the Church is the covenant marriage. Men should be honoring their wives.

 Favor Christian T-Shirt

This Christian t shirt is a great way to witness to people and show them what marriage should really look like. Putting God first in your marriage and getting on God’s plan that is written right out in his word. The shirt is an eye catching pink with white lettering with a really soft high quality material. A great shirt for wives to wear and a great gift for husbands to get their wives.

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