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First Things First

We must bring our measure and seek God first. We need to stay hungry and fired up for the Lord. At Welcome to the Revival we have a couple Christian T-Shirts that say just this. One of them has a U-turn sign on the front and it says “It’s Gods Turn”. The other shirt has True Prosperity on the front and on the back of it says Mathew 6:33. We need to seek God and his righteousness first and all things will be added to us. That is the blessed plan for our life, putting God first into everything that we do. We must stay humble and teachable. It must be about pleasing God and not ourselves. God will honor this and we will be blessed when we put him first in our lives. We need to build in the word so that when trials and circumstances come our way we know what to say to them. The word of God always works and we need to use it daily. 


At Welcome to the Revival we put God first and his kingdom. We stand on Mathew 6:33 and it shows up on our Christian T-shirts. They are a great way to witness to people about Jesus and win souls to the kingdom of God. When you are doing this you are in return putting God first and making it a priority to expand his kingdom. When you do this blessing will chase you down. Soul winning should be a first priority of any born again believer. A big part of Gods plan for our lives is to share the gospel and spread the good news! People need the word now more than ever and a great tool to help bring in the harvest are Christian t-shirts. Check them out at

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