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How do we Witness in Today's Day?


With everyone so busy and buried in their i-devices and with a full schedule how do we, as the church, win people to Jesus? What can we do to share the Word of God and also win people to Jesus? We believe a good way to open the door to win people to Jesus is Christian T-shirts.

Witnessing and Christian T-Shirts...

We have heard a lot of testimonies coming from people wearing our Christian apparel that has the word of God right on it. Our Company Welcome to the Revival seems to be doing this and having a great deal of success at. There have been numerous testimonies of people wearing Christian T-Shirts and being able to talk to people about the Word of God and ultimately Jesus Christ. God First is the motto of our company and the Christian clothing we sell opens the doors for people who may not be very vocal about their faith. One shirt that seems to really draw attention is "This Shirt Wins Souls" and on the back it has the Romans 10:9 prayer. People seem to be drawn to the boldness and it's a black shirt with bright white writing. Romans 10:9 talks about confessing with your mouth and believing in your heart that Jesus died and rose again to save us from our sins. This shirt clearly outlines it and is very bold. This Christian t-shirt has opened the door to win people to Jesus and in a day and age where everyone is so busy, it is refreshing to hear wonderful testimonies of opening the doors to witness to this lost world.

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