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I Like Free Things!

When we call on Jesus and accept him into our hearts by Grace we freely receive our salvation. This is by the Grace of God that it is given to us. We do not deserve what he has done for us that is why we are so thankful that he gave his only son for us so that he would fulfill the law. The bible says in Romans 8:32 that God gave up his own Son for us all, will he not also freely give us all things? Jesus did not only give us our Salvation on the cross but he also gave us Peace, Prosperity, Protection and Healing.

 I Like Free Things! Christian T-Shirt

At we have a Christian t-shirt that states just that on it. On the front of the shirt it has written “I like free things” and on the back it has written, “Salvation, Healing, Prosperity, and Protection.” This shirt goes great in this day and age that many people are looking for a hand out. Well why not receive the most important thing that you will ever receive in your life, that is Jesus!


This Christian t-shirt will turn heads and open doors to witness to people about what Jesus has done for us. If just one person is led to the Lord with this shirt it is all worth it. Salvation is the most important thing anyone could ever do. The Lord is waiting for the lost just to knock on his door and he will be there ready to welcome them in.

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