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Importance of Your Local Church

God’s house is very important to WelcomeToTheRevival. We are a God First company and strive to lead the way in getting Gods Word out and funding the Gospel. We need more bible teaching churches and Ministers that aren’t afraid to preach the truth From Gods word. Christian T Shirts is one way we can accomplish getting Gods Word out and funding his Kingdom.


It is on our hearts to always put God First in all we do at WelcomeToTheRevival. When people meet us and get to know us, they know we’re not just a Christian clothing company. They know we are a All In and Sold Out to Jesus company. People know that we sell Christian Apparel but it’s all about Gods Word and putting him first. Our Christian T Shirts have Gods uncompromising Word on it and really helps to open doors to witness to people. We have heard plenty of testimonies about this happening. Many believers have been able to witness and invite people to church wearing Revival Christian Apparel. This is very important because we need to be refreshed and taught and the only way this happens is to be connected to a bible teaching local church. Sunday’s should be a Christian’s favorite day of the week because it’s time to come together and give God the Glory!

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