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It’s Harvest Time!!

It has been said that 2018 is a year of Harvest and boy have we seen it. We have seen it in our local churches and many outreaches across this great nation. Souls being saved and many people selling themselves out to god. Even though the news has painted a dark picture, if you look closely, you can see God is moving. His power is evident in his local churches. Well, the ones that preach his uncompromising Word.

Soul Winning Christian T-Shirts

Our company has seen many wonderful things happen this year. WelcomeToTheRevival is really becoming established and has really encouraged a lot of people. The Christian T-shirt business was really watered down and stale and we have put out a product that gives people Gods Word. Christian T-Shirts can win people to Jesus and does have a place in these End Days and it’s a blessing to be right smack dab in the middle of the Harvest Time. Christian clothing, when worn with the right heart can really open doors. God is moving and wants to do big things and will his children get behind this vision and stay behind this vision? I know that a will and that we are indeed, All In and Sold Out to Jesus! Are You??

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