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It's Gods Turn!

Bold Christian T-Shirts that are full of the Word of God!

Welcome To The Revival was built upon the Word of God and Matthew 6:33. We put God First in all things and trust him in every aspect of life. Our bold Christian T Shirts are full of the Word of God and this shirt is no different. It's Gods Turn is in a bright red with white lettering on purpose, to get peoples attention and to get an understanding that, a person wearing this shirt is All In and Sold Out to God.


Christian Apparel has gotten so watered down and bland. The Word of God is what changes people and what helps people and the Christian Clothing at Welcome To The Revival provides just that. We need to focus on God and put him first and this shirt puts that up front and bold on a U Turn design on a bright red shirt. People love red shirts and you can see it from a long ways off, so why not a Christian T shirt with boldness, that has a wonderful message on it. These Christian T Shirts continue to open doors for believers to witness to people about the Lord and his goodness and also stir up other Christians who might not be as on fire and bold for the things of God.


So lets ask ourselves this question......Is it God's Turn in our life, or do we continue to put him on the back burner? I encourage you, put God First and watch him bless your life. If your struggling with anything, put God First and watch the deliverance that you will enjoy. These aren't just Christian T Shirts, This isn't just Christian Apparel, This is a lifestyle. Putting God First is a Lifestyle for a Born Again Believer and we are called to live in a life of victory!

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