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It's Sunday

Welcome to the Revival is an all-in, sold out, Christian T-shirt Company that endeavors to put God First. We are a Mathew 6:33 company and have it on a couple of our Christian t-shirts. One of them says, “It’s God’s Turn”, and the other says “True Prosperity” with Mathew 6:33 on the back. Mathew 6:33 says, Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added on to you. One of the ways you can put God first is to get hooked up into your local bible based church. If you stay faithful to God, Seek Him first in all that you do, you will be blessed. Church is a place where two or more gather in his name and in the word of God he says that he will be there. There is a corporate anointing also in your local church that you cannot get anywhere else. The bible also says that God will place you in the body where he sees fit. We should be gathering every opportunity that we can to receive the word in Gods house.

It's Gods Turn Christian T-shirt

God's Turn Christian T-Shirt


Christian t-shirts are a great way to get the Word out there. The word says that you can only get faith by hearing the word of God. At a good bible based church that’s what you will hear is the word of God and you can begin to grow your faith in the Lord. If you’re not hooked up with a local church and you give your life to Christ and go for one year straight you won’t be able to recognize yourself. Our job at church is to bring our measure, come hungry and expecting, remain humble and teachable. If you do that the word will become alive to you and you will have a victorious life in Christ Jesus. One of the ways you can use our Christian T-shirts is to witness to people in them and invite them to Church. Get geared up at Welcome to the Revival with a Christian T-shirt and win souls to Jesus!

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