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Live the Way God Made You!


Christians really need to get a hold of who they are in Christ and how God truly made them and transformed them, through the death, burial and resurrection through Jesus.


So many people keep calling themselves "the same ole sinner" Well that’s not true according to Gods Word. According to 2nd Cor 5:21 you have been made the Righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. Jesus went to that cross and took all the punishment for all of us so we would be made righteous.


We now have right standing with God the Father because of what Jesus did for us. NO, we did nothing to earn this, but it was a free gift and true grace. This Christian T Shirt that we came up with, just boldly says to "Live the way God made you". On the back it says "Righteous" 2nd Cor 5:21. So many people aren't living in Gods fullness and best and it really gives Christians a bad name. Who wants to live a broke down, busted and disgusted life? Not me! We have been made Righteous and it's time we start to act like it. Our Christian T-Shirts and Christian Apparel at can really showcase what Gods Word says and truly means. Christians do need to Live how God made them. Walk in the Victory and tear down the enemies gates! Live Righteous!

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