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The bible says that we are in the last days. In Haggai 2:9 it says that the latter glory of his house will be greater than the former glory. Every believer should be out there bringing in the harvest of souls in these last days and praying for Jesus’ return. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever the bible says in Hebrews 13:8. At Welcome to the Revival we have a Christian t-shirt with this written on the back in big bold white letters on a black shirt. On the front of the shirt is says Since when did Jesus change? See we must not forget that Jesus is the same, his word is the same today as it was back when the word was written. He is the same miracle working God today as he was then. In Mark 16:17 it says that signs shall follow us who believe.


This Since when did Jesus Change Christian T-Shirt is a great way to remind people that Jesus hasn’t changed. It isn’t, oh well that was in biblical times, No, it is for today as well! This t-shirt is a great way to witness to people and bring in the souls for harvest. We at Welcome to the Revival want to be right smack dab in the middle of Jesus return for the church. Our goal is to help bring souls in to the kingdom of God! So come and get geared up today!

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