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Speak to Your Mountain!!!

In Mark 11:23-24 Jesus said that "Whosoever" speaks to the mountain, it shall be removed and they shall have whatsoever they say. Notice, He said that "Whosoever" does the speaking. That is us folks. We have the power living on the inside in the form of Jesus and he told us to speak to the mountains.

I'm a Whosoever, Christian T-Shirt!

At Welcome to the Revival, we came out with this Christian T shirt because this seems to be a very lost doctrine in the Body of Christ. We can speak to our mountains in our lives and walk in victory. Jesus told us this and we must take him at his word. Christian Apparel can play a role in this by getting Gods Word on this and stirring up people on these subjects. Many people don't even know they can speak to these mountains that have been dominating them throughout their whole lives. This bright yellow shirt has the message right on it. It is in a bright color to get people’s attention. It also has mountains on the front to symbolize what Jesus was saying. Of course, the back of the Christian T shirt dawns the scripture, Mark 11:23-24. Living in these Last Days, we must get bolder.


We need to win people to Jesus and have answers for them and this Christian T shirt does just that. It has a powerful statement on the front with the scripture fully written out on the back. If you are going to rock Welcome to the Revival Christian Clothing, then be ready to have answers and speak Gods Word.

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