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The Truth on Bullying

At Welcome To The Revival we stand on the Word of God! God loves everyone and wants everyone to come to him and call on the name of his precious son Jesus Christ! When you enter into that relationship with Jesus, you are filled with his Spirit and nothing can bring you down. That is, if you understand and walk in the victory that Jesus purchased for you on the cross at Calvary. So many kids now days, don’t have any idea about what God has done for them through Jesus. It is our job to tell them about it. Whether it’s through a shirt or hat or any kind of apparel, these things can open doors to peoples hearts. We need to get this message out there and help stir up Born again believers to live on fire for God! We need to get God Back in the Public school system. This will help get rid of bullying and all this evil that keeps penetrating the Youth of this nation. Bold, Scriptural Christian Apparel is one big way we can get Gods Word into the schools. We want to see the Youth on Fire for God. Jesus is Lord and Savior and also protector. When you know who you are in Christ, bullying will have no effect on you. The Greater one lives on the inside of you and there are more that are with us then are with them. Stand Strong and Walk in the Victory Jesus has already purchased for us. Welcome To The Revival is Anti-Bullying and Pro Jesus in the Public Schools!! It’s Revival Time!!
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