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We have the Power on the Inside!

I'm Anointed!

As Born Again Believers, We have the power on the inside of us. 1st John 2:20 says we have an anointing from the Holy One and we Know All things. Jesus lives in us when we make him our Lord and Savior. Therefore, his power and anointing lives in us and we need to find a way to tap into that great power that is on the inside.


Our "I'm Anointed" christian t-shirt is in a bright red with white lettering to really catch peoples eyes. People need to know that there is a great power on the inside of us that Jesus handed us. We know all things pertaining to our lives. When Christians say they don't know what to do then they lack revelation on what Jesus has done for us and given to us. This christian t-shirt opens doors to people to ask questions about the anointing. People may not even know what it is or means and this can really start conversations and help win people to Jesus and also stir up Born Again Believers. Our christian apparel at Welcome to the Revival does this job well.


We need to walk in our victory as the church of Jesus Christ and knowing and understanding who we are and what lives on the inside of us is a necessity in these last days. We need to believe Gods Word and act on Gods Word as well and walk out the Victory!

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