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We need to be Fed!

At we believe in strong, bible teaching local churches. That is where we continue to find our help from Gods Holy written word. Christians need to realize and put an emphasis on the Local church. It must be a God First thing.


It should be Gods Turn! Let’s put him first like Matthew 6:33 tells us to do and watch him bless our socks off. God is a good Father and wants to bless us but we must walk in line with his truth and walk in his local church and get fed his word. Proverbs 4:22 says the Word is Life to those who find it and health to all our flesh. Life and health is what Gods Word does for us, so why don’t people go to church?

God's Turn Christian T-Shirt

It needs to be Gods turn. This bright red Christian T Shirt that we have says just that with a U-turn sign on it in bright white with Matthew 6:33 on it. This Christian T Shirt really gets people to stop and think, and ponder if they truly are putting God First. He should be first in all we do. He deserves it doesn’t he? He did give us his only begotten son and he did save us from eternal hell. Any questions? Christian clothing can really show Gods Word off and people really need to get a hold of this and run with it!!

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