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Welcome To The Revival and Krist Adams Team up!

Krist Adams

Welcome To The Revival Teams up with Krist Adams to take ground for the Kingdom of God! Krist is a huge asset that is joining up with WttR to take our shirt designs to the next level. We are blessed to have him working with us! Here is a little bit about Krist Adams.

Krist Adams has been a freelance graphic designer for over ten years. For as long as he can remember, he's been doing something art related. His work and tutorials have been featured in international publications as well as indy magazines. He has designed shirts for Christain t-shirt companies both small and large, working with several companies including NOTW, Living Epistles, Know Him, Garden Fire, and many others. In all of his shirt designs, Krist Desires to express the truth of God's Word boldy, not watering down or compromising any part of it to be more appealing. Jesus told the truth in love, whether it was popular or not, and so should His followers.



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