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Why Christian Apparel?

         At Welcome To The Revival, we desire to Win Souls and Fund the Gospel around the world. Christian Apparel is one way that we can do both. How you may ask? Well, Our Christian Apparel comes with a message on everything that we put out. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a shirt, hat, phone case, bracelet, tote bag or anything, Welcome To The Revival wants the message to be loud and clear. We are a God First company and you will find the Scriptures on everything that we put out. We want our Christian Apparel to speak to people because it is in fact God's word speaking to people. We have received so many wonderful testimonies on how God is working through our Christian Apparel all throughout the world. The message is Bold, Uncompromising and just straight up Bible. For too long the Christian Apparel market has been flooded with watered down products that doesn’t really do anything for God and to Win Souls. This is where we come in! We put out things that will stop people in their tracks and make people have to read our Christian Apparel. This is an open door and we have seen it and gotten the testimonies of people, Winning Souls and also praying with others. After all, this is what it is all about. Some don't believe that the Christian Apparel can play a role in doing this, but we have already seen the fruit of this in just six short months. God is moving and when His Word is involved there is Power and No Stopping it! So, we invite you to check out our site and our Bold, Scriptural and Uncompromising Christian Apparel and make a difference in this dark and hurting world. It’s Revival Time in the church and Its Revival Time in the Christian Apparel business.

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